SCPD Conference Attendee / Speaker Comment Letter to SCPD

Dear Linda, Renee, and Sarah,

Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to attend and speak at the SCPD conference. I very much enjoyed the conference topics and the speakers were all excellent. 

I am a small town Iowa boy at heart and there is something about Midwestern people that resonates deeply with me so I am clearly biased. That said, I have never attended a conference filled with so many energetic successful entrepreneurs. It was as if each attendee was hand-selected. The topics were so well woven into the general theme of the conference and that speakers were not only incredibly knowledgeable but presented these topics as if they were professional motivational speakers. I came away with a clear indication that the organizers truly cared about the conference and were clearly directly involved in everything. From the wonderful food, great people, excellent choice of locations at the 3M Convention Center, this was easily the most enjoyable conference I've ever attended. 

Thank you again for inviting me to speak and I look forward to attending again and seeing you all soon. 

Steve Beck

SCPD Conference Attendee Quotes

"Very high quality speakers and the best organized Conference that I have attended in years."

"As someone from the Sales and Marketing end of the business, the conference gave me incredible insight into the innovation, design and manufacturing side. Having a better understanding of that side of the business ultimately helps me provide solutions to our customers." 

"Using the Principles of ConcurrencyTM allows for increased speed to market, powerful engagement throughout the process, and most importantly – innovation in the marketplace. This methodology is effective in identifying and eliminating quality issues, late-stage redesigns, and costly over-runs.  The Principles promote intra-company communication focused on a strategy that is relevant, empowered by people who are engaged, while using the appropriate decision making tools to allow for advancement in the marketplace."

"Also, networking with some very bright, progressive people is something I rarely get a chance to experience." 

"These are all opportunities that a small company needs to take advantage of. I really appreciate your including me." 

"Of course, dinner with Art Fry was a definite highlight."

"Our people are very excited about the topics and can barely wait to get back to work to apply some of what they have learned!" 

"Many insights into other ways to Innovate and be "effective" at the same time; very energizing." 

"Found your Conference online - a very pleasant experience and it has exceeded my expectations. Hope that you do this again next year."